For Sale By Owner Cards

Many homeowners think they can save the expense of hiring a REALTOR to sell their home by selling it themselves. As you well know, a homeowner can actually lose money by not properly pricing their home, and will not be able to reach potential buyers as well as a professional Realtor. Sending out FSBO cards can  make them aware of the pitfalls of selling on their own.

(Text on back of card)
Realtors are experts at’s what we do.
Realtors work together and help one another.
When you contact me to sell your home, you don’t just get one person, you have an entire network of qualified Realtors to get your home sold quicker


Realtors have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) 
a highly visible personal web site, as well as a company web site providing you optimal exposure.
Realtors also utilize print advertising in local Real Estate magazines.
Give me a call, I’d be glad to give you the details of my complete marketing plan.

A REALTOR’s knowledge of real estate doesn’t end once we receive our RELATOR’s license.
REALTORS are required to attend continuing education programs, to keep us informed of any changes in the real estate industry.
There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by selling your own home.
That’s what a REALTOR does for a living, we sell houses! Please don’t hesitate to call me, I’d be glad to discuss my qualifications and experience.