Direct Mail




Despite the popularity of web sites and the recent growth in 
e-marketing, direct mail remains an important and viable marketing tool.

Save or Trash
The recipient of direct mail has the choice of reading or trashing direct mail, where spam filters may delete your e-marketing without giving the recipient that choice.

Too Much Junk Mail
The average "in box" contains far
more "junk mail" than the traditional mail box. Your e-marketing is more likely to get lost in the crowd than direct mail.

Out of Site, Out of Mind
If you mail out a post card that the recipient decides to save (recipe card or other informational card), it will probably go onto a cork board or refrigerator where it is in plain view, while a saved email remains hidden in a file folder.

Email can contain viruses that could seriously damage a computer; no threat with direct mail. (except for a possible paper cut) wink, wink!